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For a day´s excursion or holidays in the heart of Normandy, stay at Cahagnes !

  Easy to find the way over the motorway A 84 (l’Autoroute des Estuaires) to visit Jean Luc and Irène TALLEC !

  «La Foulerie» is one of the group of old farmhouses, typical for the area Pré-Bocage. We restored it of preserving and respecting the tradition.

  You will have a lot of space and comfortable rooms. Additional to the three rooms with all extras, Irène et Jean Luc offer to your stay:

• One recreation/eating room of 50 m² or you prefer to relax in front of the fire-place.
• One room of entertainment (55m²)

   You like the nature ? For all targets you don´t need your car !
To discover the neighborhood of «la Foulerie» and Pré-Bocage you can walk or you rent from us a mountain bike, which will bring you to all places of interest or sightseeing. Enjoy the possibility of tasting the normands products of the «Route des traditions».

  Interested of history, architecture and culture of Normandy ?
Cahagnes is perfect to discover following places under 1 hour distance:

Beaches of the landing (D-Day): 30 minutes
Bayeux 20 minutes: small medieval town; in the cathedral you´ll find the tapestry of Queen Mathilde and a lot of buildings of framework (typical houses of the Middle Ages).
Mont Saint Michel (the 8th wonder of the world): 45 minutes on highway A84. An important place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages on the rock. It is a charming place over the whole year and will fill you with enthusiasm. If you want to discover the «bay of Mont St.Michel», book a guided tour and use the experience of the guides who will show you the magic of this place.
Caen: «The town of hundred steeples» - you can see this if you walk through the castle of Guillaume, the conqueror. Or you prefer to visit the museum «Mémorial de Caen»: unique in Europe, it is a museum of peace from yesterday to today, starting at the 2nd world war.
Enjoy your coffee in one of plenty street coffee-houses in the historic centre of Caen. Or should we help you to find the right one of numerous activities in the summer ?


You will find a lot of information for planing your trips during your stay in our library.






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